High Horticulture Symposium

Thu 30th Jun, 2022 | 11:59PM
A Live & Online Symposium curated by Michael McCoy

Gardening is on the move, but where is it headed?

Join us as we talk to some of the greatest gardeners from around the world and ask them what single gardening process we could learn that could totally transform our gardens, and vastly increase our pleasure from them.

Michael McCoy  /  Ed Flint  /  Jimi Blake  /  Donna Somerville

Sophie Thomson  /  Cassian Schmidt  /  Fergus Garrett

We’ll also discuss with them which horticultural skills will become increasingly relevant and important in the future, unlocking keys to whole new movements of biodiversity-amplifying, ecologically responsible and wildly beautiful garden design and home-gardening practice.

Ticket’s provide access to the three-hour live and online symposium curated by Michael McCoy (previously recorded on the 4th June), plus 6 hours of bonus material. Watch at your leisure until 30th June.

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‘Thank you Michael – what an inspirational and informative 3 hours!!! Bravo!’  George Hoad

‘Thank you Michael for putting this marvellous symposium together. I have loved every minute!’  Susie Brookes

‘This has been so beautiful, so joyful and inspiring. I just want to sit here with this feeling and keep it with me as I potter in my garden this afternoon and in the future. What an absolute privilege – thank you.’  Jane Allardyce


Contributors to the conversation include:
Fergus Garrett
Without doubt one of the most ground-breaking gardeners of the last century, Fergus Garrett worked alongside Christopher Lloyd for 13 years before he was left to take care of Great Dixter.  The result is no project in maintenance or conservation.  Great Dixter in 2022 demonstrates a huge acceleration in the experimentation of the left-field thinking for which it has always been famous. Instagram: greatdixterofficial

Cassian Schmidt
Professor Cassian Schmidt is the director of Hermannshof, Weinheim, Germany – one of the most innovative gardens in the world with regard to ecologically-aware planting design – and Professor of Planting Design at Geisenheim Unversity.  Cassian has spent his career thinking hard about and experimenting with beautiful designed plant communities for use in landscaping, and considering big questions like climate change, along with smaller ones, like the challenges of reduced maintenance budgets.  There’s simply no-one is better placed to consider how gardening is going to change, and how our professional and home-gardening skills could and should adapt to match. Instagram: cassianschmidt

Sophie Thomson
Sophie Thomson is a life-long gardener and nursery person, and is best known for her work on Gardening Australia.  But most of Sophie’s time is spent in fire affected, drought affected or otherwise challenged communities, connecting people to gardening and its healing power.  So I’m really looking forward to chatting with her about the techniques or skills that could most transform our gardens and gardening in an increasingly challenging climate. Instagram: sophiespatch

Jimi Blake
Jimi is the creator and carer of Hunting Brook, a unique garden just south of Dublin, Ireland, exploring a really offbeat mix of hardy perennials and other-worldly exotics.  Many of the latter require storage and protection over winter, or carefully-timed propagation to ensure their sustenance. Almost nothing that Jimi does is directly relevant to us, except his unquenchable enthusiasm for thrilling gardening, to which we can never be over-exposed! Instagram: jimiblake_huntingbrookgardens

Donna Somerville
Donna Somerville’s name was spoken with whispered reverence when I was a young professional gardener.  Having just been asked to redesign the herbaceous border at the RBGV, I thought she’d nailed the ultimate job.  Thirty five years later, Donna has stretched her wide experience to looking after some of Melbourne’s finest private gardens, and knows – and speaks out frankly – exactly how it is. Instagram: belladonna_inspirations

Ed Flint
Anyone who follows @rotheramblings on Instagram knows how assiduous Ed is about sowing times and planting out at just the right moment to achieve the most powerful and sustained effects in the garden.  I can’t wait to talk with Ed about this subject.  I know that he’ll sneer at my questions, and answer better ones! Instagram: rotherramblings


What’s the cost?

$85 per ticket (incl. GST).

How do I register?

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